We have successfully designed, engineered, fabricated, and tested (TRL 7) lightweight and affordable Triton Composite Airdrop Platforms to support the US Army’s future Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) and other military cargo and airdrop missions.

Our Air Drop Platform Aluminum Composite products offer lightweight and high strength and are rugged, durable alternatives for air drop applications.

Other platforms are also in development.

Products in development are:

Enhanced Container Delivery System (ECDS)

463-L sized airdrop platform with fork truck accessibility on all four sides

Next Generation Type V

Single piece light weight composite designs of common size (16’, 20’ and 32’) type V airdrop platforms

Next Generation DRAS

Single piece lighter weight composite DRAS platform

IRBM Target RF Transparent Type V Compatible

RF Transparent Section of Type V platform for Missile Defense Applications