Successful global enterprises are created when you combine innovation with a respected leadership team and the right source of capital. 

Triton Systems Inc. is a global product venturing and investment company creating product-driven enterprises through a proven and proprietary stage-gate “Venture-through-Invention”-process.  We nurture innovative ideas from concept through full commercial exploitation across multiple disciplines, markets and geographies. 

We aspire to create successful enterprises by growing opportunities, either internally or by partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs.  We merge creative minds with proven leadership teams and patient capital (dilutive and non-dilutive) to help transforms ideas into sustainable growth stories on a global scale

Our Approach

We’re an Innovation Machine that has Helped to Create $3.8B in Shareholder Value

Innovation and Experience – Our Team

Triton has carefully assembled an unusually broad skill set of professionals that include basic research scientists, applied applications engineers, quality system experts, manufacturing professionals, and serial entrepreneurs with a track record of multiple start ups and exits. Our senior leadership team possesses professional experience in both private and public companies.